Men & Eating Disorders

There is a myth that only teenage girls and women suffer from eating disorders.

Men are also under huge pressure to strive for a perfect body according to current trends. Very often men are under pressure to be fit and lean in the competitive sports world and begin to diet excessively. Conditions survive in shame, secrecy and silence.

This makes it very difficult for any sufferer to come forward for help.If men believe eating disorders are a feminine issue it may cause even more suffering or embarrassment. Eating disorders don’t have any gender boundaries. Studies now show that males diet, undergo cosmetic surgery, express body dissatisfaction, strive for perfection and put them self under huge pressure striving for an ideal body or very high fitness level.

There is a new condition under proposal but not yet accepted in the diagnostic category known as: compulsive athleticism.Men may also develop the Adonis Complex. Here the man strives to have very big muscles while having a totally fat free body. This condition has a distorted body image. Also it is said to be opposite of anorexia. Anorexia suffers can never be small enough; Adonis Complex sufferers can never have big enough muscles.

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