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Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine is about integrating all parts; mind, body, emotional and spiritual. Shamanism also focuses on health and wellbeing and the actions we need to make to bring this to our lives.

After years of working with clients I realized some clients considered themselves to be “stuck”. They found it extremely difficult to let go of self limiting beliefs, negative thoughts and patterns of behaviours. This prompted me to explore the world of Shamanic Energy Medicine. Shamanism is approx 50000, years old…….new research suggests a possibility of being older than 500000 years. It would have been practiced by people in days gone by in many different parts of the world.

Shamanism strives for harmony and balance within ourselves, our community and our planet. I believe these ancient concepts are as powerful today in our modern world. I am also trained in soul retrieval and extraction techniques.  I endeavour to blend ancient energy medicine with modern psychotherapy to assist a person to heal their own life.

Shamanic healing is a spiritual practice that involves working with spirits or energies to bring about healing and balance in a person’s life. This can include practices such as soul retrieval, extraction, and power animal retrieval. Some people believe that shamanic healing can help with physical and emotional issues, as well as providing a sense of connection and purpose


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